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Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard (Black/Silver)

Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard (Black/Silver)

Stay on top of your game. The Logitech G11 gaming keyboard features blue-backlit characters, 18 programmable G keys, and convenient media control buttons so you can play all night long.  Create custom macros for your games and access them with a single keystroke.  Reduce clutter by routing cables through the convenient under-keyboard channels. Swap gaming controls easily by plugging into the two full-speed USB ports.  And never worry about getting dropped out of the action if you press the Windows key; the built-in Gaming Mode switch disables it with one touch. Features:               Backlit keyboardThree brightness levels, for playing in darkened rooms.   Programmable G keys Use the 18 programmable ‘G keys’ to execute common keystrokes or complex macros.     Eliminate cable hassles! Intelligently route mouse, headset, or other cables using convenient channels under the k (more…)


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